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There are a lot of different reasons why you should be selling Boss Revolution in your store, to learn just a few of them click on the toggles below to learn more.

  1. Easy to Sell. Start Selling in 10 Minutes.

    With all of the calling cards available today, Boss Revolution has hit the market with a better product that’s easier to use for the end user, your customers! That alone makes Boss Revolution a breeze to sell. Even better than that though is the strong brand recognition that comes with Boss Revolution, you’re customers might be looking for elsewhere for it.

    • Brand Recognition & Loyalty
    • Guaranteed IDT Brand & Quality
    • Multi-Million Dollar Advertising Campaigns & POP
    • Diverse Ethnic Demographic Reach
    • Grassroots Activities
  2. More Customers to your Store

    Due to the strong brand recognition of Boss Revolution you are in a good position to bring in more customers just because you sell it in your store. What are you waiting for? Get your free sales kit today!

  3. Strong Sales and Commissions

    BOSS Revolution brings both value and convenience with high-quality products and services, which drive consumer traffic, revenue and loyalty to your locations providing increased revenue opportunities.

    • Fasted Growing International Calling Product
    • Aggressive INSTANT Commissions & Base Residuals
    • Cross Selling Opportunities
    • No Inventory. No Overhead. Takes Up No Shelf Space.
    • Increased Revenue Per User
  4. Free Marketing Materials

    When you sell Boss Revolution in your store we’ll ensure that you have all of the material you need to sell it! From posters and brochures to point-of-sale signs, we have what you need. All at no cost to you!

  5. Sell Multiple Products

    Over 3 Million Customers Can’t Be Wrong

    Along with our pinless international calling product you also have the ability to sell Mobile Top Up. What is Mobile Top Up?

    With Boss Revolution you can recharge friends and families mobile phones around the world. Customers pay in cash at your store and the phone abroad gets topped up instantly.

    • Real Time Recharge
    • No Cards
    • Top Carriers Worldwide
    • High Commissions & Low Fees
    • More Consumer Promotions